Do you accept the dare!?!

Jimmy V is collaborated with the FTESWL podcast every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Pacific Time. I'll be bringing you the latest news in entertainment, pop culture, and whats going on in the sports world. Be sure to follow the Soundcloud and Itunes page to listen in and join my conversation. Check out my latest episode below!

Yo, it’s your boy Kosher here bringing you our podcast titled: FromTheEastsideWithLove or (FTESWL) for short. We are based out of Eastside Long Beach, Ca. On our podcast and website we talk about sports, entertainment and social topics. We encourage all listeners to come on the show and talk to us. We believe our podcast is where your heart will reside and your ears will listen. Please follow and subscribe and join the FTESWL Movement LET’S GO! Episodes drop every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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